Jun 14, 2017
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Better Get Your Game Up…

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  • Damn Tai, always saying things ive been telling ppl forever… only u have made millions off of your knowledge…

    holyteejful June 15, 2017 8:38 PM Reply
  • Tai man i think honestly half of it, like with the mcdonalds example, is ppl dont care… they know, but they dont care … ignorance is bliss to them

    holyteejful June 15, 2017 8:41 PM Reply
  • Dawg. Come one. I follow you on all social media platforms but twitter. And you snap from 5am- 7am to 1-3 am.. you can't be reading a book a day that's +100 pages. You might be reading 3-5 chapters a day. But not the whole book?. Love you Tai!❤️ #PayItForward

    luiscornejo June 15, 2017 9:09 PM Reply
  • What a duche!

    Emmett Flores June 15, 2017 9:28 PM Reply
  • Fuck It.. Time To Be A Millionare!

    ProducedByClas6ix June 15, 2017 9:49 PM Reply
  • I am broke. I'm admitting it.

    Timon June 15, 2017 11:04 PM Reply
  • Tia this is my first ever comment on u tube i want to come and vist u at ur house I luv ur house I want to build a replica back home

    Ken Moore June 16, 2017 1:27 AM Reply
  • Tai, I know you will never be broke. But if you ever are, I will lend you money.

    A S June 16, 2017 2:34 AM Reply
  • 4:14 Omg Obfirm, KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID

    Mottay June 16, 2017 6:00 AM Reply
  • "I don't mind helping a man, as long as he doesn't drag his feet.

    abcdefg hijklmnop June 16, 2017 2:54 PM Reply
  • Love this video – Here in Hoboken, NJ. Come check out the sites!!! I promise you will buy something here! Tai, you know me man! 😉

    Domenico Cirilli June 16, 2017 4:18 PM Reply
  • WAAH!! man! that was really amazing ..OMG u really nail the truth man, dis is da BEST video of its kind i watched for a while…. seriously Tai, thanks this was incredibly sincere speech and profound. Thanks again

    A. Almis June 16, 2017 8:25 PM Reply
  • your videos are awsome! I know what you doing

    Everyday Life June 17, 2017 3:01 AM Reply
  • motivate me

    wtdyjimjam June 17, 2017 6:45 PM Reply
  • dont tell me what to do

    wtdyjimjam June 17, 2017 6:45 PM Reply
  • So.. I have adhd and "cant" focus.. Well, I wanted to change, so I got a coach and we made some structure in my life. After that I made myself a morning routine including reading.And thats a good start. Great video, Tai 😀

    Kris Hesselmark June 18, 2017 9:32 AM Reply
  • Solid GOLD

    Alex Vega June 18, 2017 10:39 AM Reply
  • The 18-25 years old are so bad at reading I coin the term "selective reading " I sell electronics on craiglist etc… For example I am selling xbox one's . I say in the post "only power cord and console only" First question they ask is does it included a controller. So after that I literally said "only power cord and console only" 5 times on a facebook local market place. First question does it come with a controller. I actually took a screen shot of it because it was so funny. At first I thought they were all stupid but then I coin the term "selective reading" because kids are so use to scrolling so fast they don't FOCUS!!!!

    David Bass June 19, 2017 10:42 PM Reply
  • Tai, You are all about seeing it clear and telling it like it's is! you speak from your heart with so much passion,

    Jackie Kennedy June 20, 2017 7:28 AM Reply
  • continued… you actually made my heart beat (wow) ! Play time is over.. I need to see myself succeed. I know you can help me. You have perfected, sincerity! This, man really cares about our success. I feel you! and I'm not afraid to say I need your Program, Advice, Guidance and Energy. I truly have great respect for your humility and understanding. Your tactful, and appropriate.. You make the common man feel sure and capable. You make us feel hopeful. I can't wait to call and get started. Thank you.

    Jackie Kennedy June 20, 2017 8:33 AM Reply
  • Deep work by Cal Newport is an amazing book that touches upon what tai is trying to say I encourage anyone to read this book

    whoizzytho June 21, 2017 2:58 AM Reply
  • That's what's up

    Jason Bernal July 1, 2017 6:04 AM Reply
  • very nice talk Tai like a good friend !

    Ruben Franco July 1, 2017 6:47 PM Reply
  • Great awareness on how you are the best type of person and most people are below you and how most people should bow down. Good job!

    Harry B July 2, 2017 9:00 PM Reply
  • It's not there fault that they have ADHD

    kickstand 12 July 5, 2017 8:37 AM Reply
  • LOL This actually made me laugh a lot. So on point. Loving it.

    Sharif Sourour July 6, 2017 2:33 PM Reply
  • I like it when Tai keeps it REAL!  Thanks Tai!

    sirenmuscle July 8, 2017 5:29 AM Reply
  • miss the programa

    SIR Peter Gembus July 8, 2017 6:09 AM Reply
  • the tax break for the rich made by the republicans Fucked me and my grandfather over, since he's old he cant get a job easily.and i'm ADD and it's hard to focus, not that i don't WANT to it's just that i can't.

    Ashtonian Gaming July 8, 2017 1:51 PM Reply
  • "Everyone wants to stop and smell the roses but no one wants to put in the work make them grow" -Tennek127 #JustTryPeople #PutYourMindToIt #Focus

    Tennek127 July 8, 2017 6:31 PM Reply
  • hell yeah!!

    Carlos Palma July 9, 2017 5:35 AM Reply
  • You right tai I really appreciate it.

    Mike Davis July 12, 2017 4:32 AM Reply
  • lol

    MeadowArrow July 15, 2017 2:32 PM Reply
  • I admit. I'm broke.What Imma do about it? Move on. Work on myself and my dream biz every week. Sunday to Friday

    Joseph Deonaraine July 18, 2017 1:32 AM Reply
  • what earth?

    BILLIE ROJAS July 18, 2017 2:54 AM Reply
  • true word

    MG IAM July 18, 2017 2:51 PM Reply
  • Very true. Most people just wonder "what happened?!". Greetings!

    Plane To The Brain ES July 18, 2017 3:29 PM Reply
  • good one

    Michael Gaio July 20, 2017 7:04 AM Reply
  • Good man, wise man.

    Tony Lapshinoff July 20, 2017 10:26 PM Reply
  • Thank you Tai 🔥😎🔥🤓🔍

    Mario Himself July 21, 2017 4:59 PM Reply
  • How can I subscribe to this guy for a second time…I feel like subscribing just once is not enough…

    Sbonga Nene July 24, 2017 4:16 PM Reply
  • Click baits

    JiTengful July 24, 2017 7:54 PM Reply
  • Roses are redViolets are blueI'm here because of click baitAnd so are you

    Dylyn Cady July 26, 2017 10:43 PM Reply
  • not a super fan. but dam tai I love the real talk with tai. I appreciate you 👍

    k. scheib July 27, 2017 12:02 AM Reply
  • Right on

    Eddie Mo July 29, 2017 11:08 PM Reply
  • I am broke, are aware of my situation.

    Elsorkora August 14, 2017 4:38 PM Reply
  • I am moving looking to better myself

    Elsorkora August 14, 2017 4:40 PM Reply
  • I placed myself where I am,

    Elsorkora August 14, 2017 4:41 PM Reply
  • I am changing. Through my awareness, maybe not as fast as you have,but I am changing

    Elsorkora August 14, 2017 4:42 PM Reply
  • he is right get off your duff or life will be ruff lol. I don't agree with tai most the time. But I do on this video. youtube is not your nest egg. I built a real income. my friends are all mad at me. I am big hot shot. No I did something, instead of wishing. I wish I had= my was friends. I made my first mill. the money was not my drive, it's doing new cool things pushing limits getting out of being in a shell. I met my goals. time to meet news ones.

    VentureBeat August 20, 2017 8:14 AM Reply
  • Pls sbcribed back

    khuzAemy Channel August 29, 2017 2:33 AM Reply
  • Tai is the real James Bond

    Grouchy Bastard September 12, 2017 1:36 AM Reply
  • Some ppl are so egocentric that they feel the need to go around and comment on everyone else's life. Dating young, pretty girls and flashing nice cars to be "admired" because those are the superficial definition of success.

    Min September 17, 2017 4:02 AM Reply
  • Honestly Tai lopez is really good guy with good advice when he isn't trying to sell you something and just being real like this video. Unfortunately there is so many 5-10 min videos where he isn't saying anything but trying to sell you his life so you will go give him money. Which is fine, those types of videos only work on idiots and I'm never angry when I hear about an idiot being separated of their money. I love videos like this when the entire video is dedicated to an idea he is presenting, and he actually makes progress through the video and has a conclusion by the end. I hate those videos when he just flaunts his wealth and says a bunch of quotes to sound wise, here in my garage with my 4 lamborghinis, go drink every time he says lamborghinis or distracts you by his wealth, then meaningful words stop coming out of his mouth. You will die of alcohol poisoning. But I get it man gotta make that money and for the lamborghinis fuel.

    Nivek G October 4, 2017 12:30 AM Reply

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