Aug 14, 2017
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Henry Kravis – How to Have the Right Attitude Towards Success and Failure in Business

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Do you want to know how to have the right attitude towards success and failure in business? Do you want to know how to succeed despite your failures?

In this video, Henry Kravis shares his experiences about how he started in the corporate finance and he explains more about is journey in the industry.

Aside from this, Henry talks about his life and early work in the industry.

You will definitely find valuable gems in this interview especially if you want to know how to have the right attitude towards succcess and failure in business.

Enjoy watching this video! 🙂



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Who is Henry Kravis?

Henry R. Kravis (born January 6, 1944) is an American businessman. He is the co-founder of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., a private equity firm with $94.3 billion in assets as of December 31, 2013. He has an estimated net worth of $4.8 billion as of September 2015, ranked by Forbes as the 108th richest man in America and the 278th richest man in the world.


Henry Kravis cofounded private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts with his cousin, George Roberts, and their former Bear Stearns colleague, Jerome Kohlberg (d. 2015), in 1976. In 1989, KKR orchestrated the $25 billion buyout of RJR Nabisco; the deal became the basis of the bestselling book “Barbarians at the Gate. ” In July 2010, KKR went public. Kravis is a patron of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where he has a wing named after him. His economist wife, Marie-Josée, is president of the Museum of Modern Art’s board of trustees. Kravis increased a $100 million gift to Columbia University Business School to $125 million in September 2015.


Henry Kravis (New York) co-founded KKR in 1976 and is Co-Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer. He is actively involved in managing the Firm and serves on regional Private Equity Investment and Portfolio Management Committees. Mr. Kravis currently serves on the boards of First Data Corporation and ICONIQ Capital, LLC. He also serves as a director, chairman emeritus or trustee of several cultural, professional, and educational institutions, including The Business Council, Claremont McKenna College, Columbia Business School, Mount Sinai Hospital, Partnership for New York City, Partnership Fund for New York City, Rockefeller University, Sponsors for Educational Opportunity and Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management. He earned a B.A. from Claremont McKenna College in 1967 and an M.B.A. from the Columbia Business School in 1969. Mr. Kravis has more than four decades of experience financing, analyzing, and investing in public and private companies, as well as serving on the boards of a number of KKR portfolio companies.


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