Aug 14, 2018
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How Successful People Handle Toxic People

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Comments to How Successful People Handle Toxic People

  • Thanks tim😊

    neхυѕ p̸a̸r̸a̸n̸o̸i̸d̸ August 14, 2018 7:01 AM Reply
  • 7th viewer 😊

    Neutral Stuff August 14, 2018 7:01 AM Reply
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    SUCCESS INSIDER August 14, 2018 7:01 AM Reply
  • Freedom is what I need most…to be honest.

    Mister Vitamin D August 14, 2018 7:07 AM Reply
  • I really needed this… at the moment I am living with two toxic people and this has given me the answers I needed. I already knew I had to let them win, they have been nothing but degrading to me, negative, setting me up for failure, they would pick up on things that were petty, scare and stress me to the point that I actually end up making more mistakes. So I was going between wanting to win the battle and making them aware of their pointless faults or just letting it go and actually allowing them to win. Putting my issues aside and only focusing on theirs, though I hope I don’t regret this version also lol

    Fay Bee August 14, 2018 7:09 AM Reply
    • Fay Bee don't be a dormat

      Alex Bailey August 14, 2018 11:30 AM Reply
  • Amazing 💯

    Lil E Productions August 14, 2018 7:24 AM Reply
  • Tim, what if the most toxic individuals that consistently try to disrupt and destroy your life, are members of your immediate family..What if these people causes you more than just consistent prolonged mental anguish, such as deliberately inflicting countless mutiple visible physical injuries over the past few years.What if these people constantly "self sabotage" themselves on a daily basis. And despite going out of your way (because you are bound by duty) to ensure their own mental health, physical health and safety, they verbally and physically assault you.There's only so much tolerance and energy, one can give.. I hope you could make a video on such a topic for the benefit of everyone in need. It would certainly help so much.Thank you for everything Tim!

    Trevers Goh August 14, 2018 7:29 AM Reply
    • Trevers Goh i believe that is abusing. if you cant change them, change yourself. The last resourse would be change the environment.

      Alex Do August 14, 2018 11:42 AM Reply
    • Trevers Goh woww,wooo,wooooo!Hello there.Just make a statement and be clear with them and close the chapter and stay gone.When there is Thanksgivings or other events that will make you meet just don't go.If they call you,always have one word answer and be ready to hang the phone.Never bother with them again.

      zunai andre August 14, 2018 12:50 PM Reply
  • What would you do if you're Mom is the one who is causing you harm?

    areej blackness August 14, 2018 7:30 AM Reply
    • 'Walk it'… Some people never really change, but if it going to happen you must make sure you are part of the solution. Being the consistent example of strength and love. Ready when the day comes. Happy that it is finally here and that you didn't give up like you thought to a few times in the past. – My Two Cents

      JERMOND GRIFFIN August 14, 2018 2:48 PM Reply
  • 💟💟💟

    Badar Jamal August 14, 2018 7:39 AM Reply
  • Brilliant.

    Jay Williams August 14, 2018 7:56 AM Reply
  • Superb video with great information… 👌👌👍👍🙏🙏🙂🙂

    Kranthi Kumar Reddy August 14, 2018 8:01 AM Reply
  • Wish you good luck mate

    Maneth Balasooriya August 14, 2018 8:08 AM Reply
  • Wow

    Tinashe Chitombi August 14, 2018 8:17 AM Reply
  • So true

    uT RDX August 14, 2018 8:19 AM Reply
  • Thanks TimMy biggest take away was Empathy, you're right we dont know what other people are going through in their life.Empathy helps us to be non judgmental Great vid

    RODRIGO BECERRIL August 14, 2018 8:32 AM Reply
  • Thanks for the message

    moses ngwerume August 14, 2018 8:33 AM Reply
  • Thanks for this valuable message!

    Arthur Villanueva August 14, 2018 8:34 AM Reply
  • Lose the battle! Hard to do with ego as the culprit

    Arthur Villanueva August 14, 2018 8:36 AM Reply
    • Arthur Villanueva don't let down your standard down to win a battle Fly so high even a stone can't able to reach

      Harjeet Singh August 17, 2018 5:00 AM Reply
  • ..for me it was my family. I was always reminded of my failure s growing up…Thank you. I have continued on my own.

    Upumoni Collins August 14, 2018 8:51 AM Reply
  • ur my mentor sir☺ur energy flow is unbelieblethnq sirim very much blessful for being part of your family.

    Sunil Ping August 14, 2018 9:51 AM Reply
  • Nice bro thanks for your effort 😉

    Zacqheus GAMER August 14, 2018 10:17 AM Reply
  • wow bro WOW

    sazid August 14, 2018 10:22 AM Reply
  • Same with jealousy?

    Jiaxi Tse August 14, 2018 10:50 AM Reply
  • Seriously.. You changed my view of point… I see.. there is so much to learn..I promise, everyone in this earth is going to know my name Sir!! That's my promise!! The success!!

    Ankit Gupta August 14, 2018 11:02 AM Reply
  • My biggest take away today is to learn how to dance

    Jhon Surdof August 14, 2018 11:09 AM Reply
  • The truly strong feel not the need to prove themselves 👍

    TheJamgirl August 14, 2018 11:12 AM Reply
  • Very important messages!

    Thunder Thief August 14, 2018 11:13 AM Reply
  • You said it all, thank you

    Alex Do August 14, 2018 11:39 AM Reply
  • A friend of mine left me this winter and I was in a really bad place in general, like… dangerously bad. He comes back in the friend group now and I nearly mentally started the battle again. It is really difficult. I worked hard on myself all this months and I spent time with my friends and we worked together on our relationship, I've grown through this "break-up"… and now… He can just come back amd claim his place? Demanding I don't talk about it?!Oh damn, letting go is so SO hard. I have to do it on my own, but it is so painfull. I wish I could at least scream at him, if I can't get him to understand how much he has hurt me. Oh gosh. Guys, gals. I know I just gotts grow stronger… but… any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

    Curly privat August 14, 2018 12:39 PM Reply
    • I am back. I do not need to prove that I am better. I have permission to just be and leave the past behind. Thanks, Yoga and… a day relaxing 😌Loosing the battle, stopping the wars.

      Curly privat August 14, 2018 5:53 PM Reply
    • I’m going through something similar, l as long as you’re focusing on the right stuff (reaching out to friends and family, working on yourself) it’s going to get better, gradually you’ll get over it and learn, time heals everything

      Yousef10.2 ' August 14, 2018 5:55 PM Reply
    • Curly privat just think there are lots pf other people in similar situations and even more in worse

      Sam Wheatley August 15, 2018 12:21 AM Reply
  • Great point about how the more people you reach the more toxic people you reach are as well! I'm actually running into the same problem now that my YouTube channel is starting to grow a tiny bit. People tend to hate others who are doing well and their jealousy shows. Instead of raising themselves up they choose to put everyone else down to feel good about themselves.

    • But you also reach people you who resonate with your message. Subbed!

      Rap Lawyer August 14, 2018 10:42 PM Reply
  • 😏🤗🤗🙂☺

    Parrales Fernandez August 14, 2018 1:15 PM Reply
  • Awesome dear it is best ways to handle Toxic People.

    Prashant Sharma August 14, 2018 2:05 PM Reply
  • A1 Advice put by you that too without cost , Thanks TIM HAN

    Alexander TheMonarch August 14, 2018 2:11 PM Reply
  • One of your best videos! I enjoyed every second of it and I will watch it again if I feel like I can't handle toxic people, but I don't think that that is necessary after seeing this !

    Mr. Wood August 14, 2018 2:11 PM Reply
  • Since I was broken I learnt a lot And now am accepting the change and focusing on my self growth Thanks so much

    for a better tomorrow for a better tomorrow August 14, 2018 2:20 PM Reply
  • Thanks dear for providing anti toxic to be used against the toxic people.

    Mnaskumar Sharma August 14, 2018 2:21 PM Reply
  • ITS tough to handle toxic people but if follow advises of your channel its okay its a perfect cure .

    My Loved1 August 14, 2018 2:25 PM Reply
  • Some of the best guidance by you, All are the best advises thanks to uuuuuu,

    Euro Robin1 August 14, 2018 2:29 PM Reply
  • love it its so great ideas.

    Myself Miracle August 14, 2018 2:33 PM Reply
  • Don't force it, walk it! Yeah☝

    JERMOND GRIFFIN August 14, 2018 2:38 PM Reply
  • Sticks and Stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me

    Toby Erua August 14, 2018 3:01 PM Reply
  • 7:387:50 wonderfully said 🙏

    Mr. Wood August 14, 2018 3:16 PM Reply
  • Tim, this is such brilliant content !! As always, thank you 🙂

    CathCampart100 August 14, 2018 3:27 PM Reply
  • So these three principles only apply if you for whatever reason can’t cut the toxic person out of your life?

    Connor StandingReady August 14, 2018 4:04 PM Reply
  • The toxic things people say to me is hard to ignore but I try to use it as motivation to work harder on the things they say I'm bad at.

    Issa Kareem August 14, 2018 4:04 PM Reply
  • Lose the battle Wow this really requires emotional maturity And empathy was the key Thanks ✔You are the best Please continue to make these videos.It really has a life changing impact.

    Navishta Maulloo August 14, 2018 5:15 PM Reply
  • Okay I understand that empathy and the whole “have a positive effect ” thing is important but some people just have no interest in anything other than hurting other people, they have no personal ambition so they only try to downplay others, taking the battle to them first is the only effective way to deal with them

    Yousef10.2 ' August 14, 2018 5:48 PM Reply
  • Looking forward to the web seminar this Saturday. I normally work all weekend every weekend. But I have this one off, so I'm definitely going to be attending this!

    Chris Sparks August 14, 2018 5:54 PM Reply
  • 💙💙

    Money Mogul August 14, 2018 6:54 PM Reply
  • Thanks Tim. The biggest takeaway from this video for me was to lose the battle but win the war.

    Shariq Ansari August 14, 2018 7:41 PM Reply
  • Thumb up for tim may god bless u

    kelvin theophil August 14, 2018 8:00 PM Reply
  • One thing ive noticed is as you become more successful even people you thought were your friends become jealous.

    mostawesomedudeever1 August 14, 2018 11:38 PM Reply
  • When I was younger my Selfgrowth was really good. But for the last year it has been at a all time low. Once you mentioned Selfgrowth and described it. It hit me hard.I have been trying to figure out how to make my self happy again. I think working on my Selfgrowth will make a drastic change!

    Wardor 1992 August 15, 2018 12:13 AM Reply
  • Awesome ✨Thank u so much for sharing… I really need this 😊

    vibha budhraja August 15, 2018 7:10 AM Reply
  • Lose the battles that are not worth it and focus instead on yourself are great advices.Thanks Tim

    smithh104 August 15, 2018 7:20 AM Reply
  • I needed to hear this message, Tim. When I look backwards, I can see so many insignificant conflicts that seemed so great due to my ego and emotions taking control. And just like you said, I regret fighting those battles. I will try to make sure to always remember this lesson to halt myself before lashing out. Thank you so much!

    Ivan Flannigan August 15, 2018 3:17 PM Reply
  • Toxic people has that magnetic field that absorb you each time. Glad for the reminder,keep rocking bro.

    samy ichiro August 15, 2018 7:12 PM Reply
  • You have imparted EXCELLENT SKILLS that I will choose to use in my life. Thank you for your incredible love, intelligence, and energy!

    Michelle Hudson August 15, 2018 7:23 PM Reply
  • Everything…Thank you

    SRGG 2002 August 15, 2018 7:55 PM Reply
  • Great video, thank you sir.

    Kannapiran R.P August 15, 2018 8:29 PM Reply
  • Ignore them

    Harjeet Singh August 17, 2018 4:58 AM Reply
  • I like this. I lost the battle some few hours ago against my boss. I can say I have a self growth if not,I would have ignored him. He worries people too much.

    joe August 17, 2018 10:53 PM Reply
  • Don't me a victim… be a Tim 🙂

    Sahyr Ramjany August 18, 2018 7:50 AM Reply

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