Feb 7, 2019
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How to Tell a Great Story (That’s NOT Boring)

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Comments to How to Tell a Great Story (That’s NOT Boring)

  • Ok

    Yani Cohen February 7, 2019 5:02 PM Reply
  • Waiting for u sir

    Akshit Kumar Mishra February 7, 2019 5:02 PM Reply
  • Thank you tim ❤, love your videos !!

    Stone League February 7, 2019 5:04 PM Reply
    • Stone League 😊❤️

      SUCCESS INSIDER February 7, 2019 7:08 PM Reply
  • Awesome <3

    Madhav Bhattarai February 7, 2019 5:15 PM Reply
  • Good job. Especially glad that you mentioned the ails of using too much detail. As an avid reader I detest when writers do that. Thanks again. As usual great presentation

    Bonka Hermit aka INTJudge February 7, 2019 5:30 PM Reply
  • Learning how to tell a great story is vital for relaying information to people through YouTube and social media. 🔥

  • I really needed this! Story telling! don't tell a story ,"show(visualize)" a story. The "conflict" and "solution" is a must. and wow English was your 2nd language.. awesome!

    MotiveVideoBook February 7, 2019 6:14 PM Reply
    • MotiveVideoBook 😊🙌 thanks bud!!

      SUCCESS INSIDER February 7, 2019 7:08 PM Reply
  • I took speech class in college. If you would have dropped this video sooner I could have saved me a few hundred dollars. I learned much more here than I learned in any class

    Mentor My Life February 7, 2019 7:07 PM Reply
  • Hey Tim, this is a great video! I spoke to a member of Tim Schmoyer’s team last week and he said this is an area I could work on. Been doing a lot of learning about story telling and I watched a lot of your content to take note because yours always stand out.I remember your story about the kid who wasn’t allowed to sell the item, and he found out many different people valued it based on who he asked. I think you told that in the UK. This video came at the PERFECT time! 🙌🏽Keep inspiring and sharing the knowledge.

    Smash Mediocrity February 7, 2019 8:24 PM Reply
  • Love the idea of stripping the branches and let the story flow efficiently. Great job Tim

    Practical Inspiration February 7, 2019 10:30 PM Reply
  • As always dude, ("Dude") – thank you. ALWAYS some really useful information.

    Jason Fodor February 8, 2019 3:44 AM Reply
  • Thats awesome Tim!! I need to be great at telling stories.❤️ thank you for sharing the tips!

    sadaf fatima February 8, 2019 7:05 AM Reply
  • My take away will be to record my stories !!!🙏🏻🙌🏻

    sadaf fatima February 8, 2019 7:11 AM Reply
  • I love the 4th one. Facts are really powerful to add up to the stories. ❤

    Cris Ison February 8, 2019 12:21 PM Reply
  • this is one of your best posts!

    Viking12 February 8, 2019 3:34 PM Reply
  • Thanks so much for these tips Tim! Very useful indeed.

    Khamhou_Tou Phanludeth February 8, 2019 6:12 PM Reply
  • I'm going to avoid too many details

    Marvelous Mabaso February 8, 2019 7:01 PM Reply
  • I agree. I pretended to read cards in jail and unknowingly did what you said. I love your channel. Thank you. Plus, you are good looking. Im a teeth person . wow on the gril.

    Veronica Valenzuela February 9, 2019 12:18 AM Reply
  • I like when you tell me about happy news 😍 uplift me baby

    Bnaki K February 9, 2019 5:00 AM Reply
  • 1. A good story has a great hook such as dramatic event to raise curiosity and attract attention2. Avoid too many details3. Need to have a conflict4. Need to have a reason to share the story5. Record the story & share to others so you get feedback.

    Huynh Tran February 9, 2019 6:36 PM Reply
  • Love this guy

    shadowcrux0 February 10, 2019 11:23 AM Reply
  • 1) People remember how you make them feel …2) Find a captivating hook – pay attention what grabs YOUR attention3) Avoid to many details – make it more broad and relatable4) There must be some sort of conflict, make it a multi-sensory experience5) ONE key message only – WHY do you tell the story6) Record your story, share & tweak it

    CathCampart100 February 12, 2019 10:03 AM Reply

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